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Custom Equipment

Nobody knows your business like you do. You know that having the right equipment for the job can improve efficiency, increase safety, and reduce wasted  space.

Our engineers are here to help you design the right product to fit your needs. “Don’t Compromise…Customize” with New Age Industrial.

A chicken chain needed a cart to deliver lunches to office buildings. The cart they used was a plastic cart with a fold-over handle. The boxes were not secure and the food was delivered in less than perfect conditions.

Our engineers worked with the chain to develop a cart that would solve their problems. What was created was a cart that was mobile yet could be broken down to fit in the trunk of a car. Our cart was designed to hold the customer’s boxes so that there was no spillage during transportation.

We were able to produce this custom solution for only $20 more than the current cart they were using that wasn’t meeting their needs effectively.

This Fish File rack was created as an aluminum alternative to a stainless steel design. This unit holds iced fish in a perforated Lexan boxes on the cook line. The water drains down through the rack into a removable tray in the bottom for easy disposal. This unit was designed for use at a hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.

This Duck Rack was designed for a Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. The unit holds plucked ducks in the walk-in cooler for draining. Not an ordinary use for our custom racks but a solution for the customer!

This mobile cabinet was designed to transport medical records to a disposal site. To meet HIPAA regulations, the hospital needed a secure cabinet. To meet the weight load requirements, they needed a heavy duty welded cabinet. New Age Industrial designed this cart to meet all of their needs.

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Designing your own “customized” product is as easy as…

  1. Contact us to get the ball rolling on your custom, aluminum item. We pride ourselves in our customer-friendly customization process.
  2. Our in-house Engineering Department will work with you to determine the specifics, such as: size, utilization needs, accessories it needs to be compatible with, etc.
  3. Determine quantity of units desired. (Our production can be scaled to fit orders from 1 unit to 10,000 units per order.)

Contact us today to discuss your equipment needs or to request a no-obligation quote. Just scroll up and click “Contact Us” at the top of the page.